41 lakh litres of milk was sold during Onam compared to 31 lakh last time.

For MILMA Ernakulam Regional Union, this Onam turned out to be really special.

Revenues shot up to Rs. 13 crore from Rs. 11 crore last year following increased demand for the company's products among the people.

The official records pointed out that 41 lakh litres of milk was sold under the regional union spread over Ernakulam, Thrissur, Kottayam and Idukki districts. The corresponding figure for the festival season last year was 31 lakh litre.

M. T. Jayan, chairman of the MILMA Ernakulam Regional Union, said here on Monday that 30 tonnes of ghee and four lakh packets of curd were also sold in the festival season from ‘Atham' to ‘Chathayam' day. Other products that won the hearts of the public included butter, peda and butter milk.

Explaining that the recent increase in the price of milk has not affected the sales, Mr. Jayan said that the expected sale for the ten days beginning from ‘Atham' for this season was 34 lakh litres of milk.

But the sales touched 41 lakh litres thanks to the quality of the product being given to the customers. There was nearly 20 per cent increase in the sale of milk after the price hike, he said.

The chairman said that 45 to 55 per cent of the milk is being procured from local co-operative societies in the State. Due to increase in demand, about 75 per cent of the milk is brought from outside on festival occasions, he said.

Stating that dairy farmers will get Rs. 4.20 out of the Rs. 5 hike implemented for MILMA milk, Mr. Jayan said that primary dairy farmers' cooperative societies will get 20 paisa.

The commission for agents will be 20 paisa while 40 paisa will be used to meet the increase in operational expenses following the hike in petroleum prices, he said.

Mr. Jayan said that the MILMA Ernakulam Regional Union holds 30 per cent of the total sales of MILMA in the State while Thiruvananthapuram and Malabar have a share of 30 and 40 per cent respectively.

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