Looking to safeguard the interest of small investors and overall market place, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has identified a greater oversight mechanism on insider trading and a stronger risk management framework as among key focus areas for 2014.

“In the new year, our focus areas will be on strengthening the insider trading mechanism and further strengthening the risk management system on the exchanges,” SEBI Chairman U. K. Sinha said, while listing out key priorities before the capital markets regulator in 2014.

“These are the two major focus areas. Besides, we also plan to put in place final guidelines for research analysts, for which we have come out with draft norms and all these matters are being actively considered right now,” Sinha told PTI in an interview.

Need to do more

“On insider trading, we have done many things, but still I will say it is something about which there is a perception in the country that SEBI needs to do more.

“Often, people compare us with the U.S., without realising that there it is not the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) alone, but most of the high-profile cases in the US have been handled by their criminal justice system,” he said.

SEBI is currently in the process of overhauling its nearly two-decade-old insider trading norms, pursuant to which those indulging in unlawful insider trading activities would be dealt with severely.

Many new categories of persons, including public servants, regulatory officials, and government officials dealing with unpublished price-sensitive information are being brought under the purview of insider trading.

At the same time, new norms would also seek to clearly differentiate between ‘innocent mistakes’ and genuine transactions of company executives from the unlawful and serious trading offences.

Often, comparisons have been made between regulatory action against insider trading in India and the U.S., where some high-profile cases, including that of former banker Rajat Gupta, has come to light in recent months. — PTI