With the Indian economy regaining its robustness, the Income-Tax Department has collected an additional Rs. 2,477 crore from the top 90 advance tax-payers in the third quarter this fiscal.

The total Q3 advance tax paid by these 90 companies stands at Rs. 12,881 crore against Rs. 10,404 crore in the corresponding period last year with 61 of them paying more this year compared to the same period last year.

Significantly, 34 of these companies shelled out 100 per cent or more in advance tax during this quarter, an Income Tax source told PTI here

The 90 companies have together contributed Rs. 33,358 crore to the advance tax kitty for the three-quarters so far this fiscal against Rs. 27,197 crore in the same period last fiscal.

Of these, 68 paid a higher total advance tax payment till Q3 FY 10 while 22 shelled out a lesser amount.

The exchequer gained an additional Rs. 6,161-crore from these 90 companies in the three-quarters so far, the source said.

However, 23 companies including major banks among the top 90 companies shelled out less than what they paid in the same period last year.

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