With an aim to expand its presence in the computing world, technology giant Intel on Wednesday announced that it has partnered Google for accelerating its entry into the smartphone market by the first-half of 2012.

It has also promised to bring power-efficient and affordable ‘Ultrabooks', a sleeker and lighter version of laptops, to the market this holiday season.

Announcing a new partnership with Google for accelerating its smartphone business foray, Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini said he was hopeful of Intel's technology-based smartphones being launched in the market by the first-half of 2012.

Delivering the keynote address at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) here, Mr. Otellini also announced that Intel's engineers were working on a new class of platform power management for the Ultrabooks that will help in producing always-on-always- connected computing.” Today's announcement follows the two companies' recent joint initiatives for the use of Intel technology on Google products, such as its Chrome operating system, Google TV and the Android software development kit.

The company unveiled a computer with a processor running on a postage stamp-size cell powered by solar energy.

Asserting that power innovation would reach unimaginable levels, he said Intel's researchers have created a chip that powers up a computer processor on a solar cell the size of a postage stamp. The computer had its solar-powered CPU drawing sufficient power to run animation and other Windows-based computing processes from two small overhead reading lamps.

However, only the processor was being powered by the lamps and other parts of the computer were powered through a traditional power supply.