India's $4.1 billion shopping spree of 10 Boeing C-17 military cargo aircraft will support jobs at the aircraft major's beleaguered California plant, which has received a boost with the new order, a Boeing official said.

The deal should keep things humming at the sprawling plant in Long Beach, California through 2014, Boeing spokesman Jerry Drelling said in a Los Angeles Times report.

Mr. Drelling said the order “helps us keep the line alive and supports jobs.''

Boeing was the largest employer in Long Beach near Los Angeles. The plane had an estimated $5.8 billion annual economic impact and the jobs of about 25,000 workers in 44 states depend on it, Mr. Drelling said. India on Monday gave its go ahead to purchase 10 C-17 heavy-lift military aircraft in a deal worth $4.1 billion. The deal with Boeing is the biggest defence deal between India and the U.S.

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