No women from any other city like to pamper and style their hair the way women from this city do leading them to place the highest online order for conditioners. Same goes for parents who have bought alphabet toys for their children while youth here proved themselves to be avid gamers by buying most video games in the country.

These interesting trends about the ‘online shopping habits of Hyderabad residents' emerged in the eBay Census 2011 which was released here on Wednesday.

The census which documents key trends in online buying, importing, selling and exporting across the country, also ranked the city as the sixth largest eCommerce Hub. The top hubs in the country were Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Jaipur and Chennai.

The compilation also dubs Hyderabadis as ‘Tech Savvy Residents' for the highest share of domestic transactions for technology products while it also credited the city for most sales of home appliances.

It also came up with the top five bought and sold in the city. If the top five bought list here include food storage containers, machine embroidered sarees, sewing machine, emergency lights and Kundan Meena jewellery, the top imports were camera flashes, Tablets, vintage car parts, clutches and webcams. The top sold list had hair trimmers, PC action games and building toys.

The eBay census for the year also put PC games, Telugu movies, film magazine, dinner sets and ethnic costumes in top five exports and at the same time, the top five brands here were Nokia, Reebok, Apple, Samsung and Seagate.

At the national level, it mentioned that the country had over 3,311 eCommerce Hubs and the top five States were as Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

It also stated that consumers and entrepreneurs from rural side were getting increasingly plugged into eCommerce and while metros contribute to 51 per cent of all transactions, Tier-II and III cities contributed about 40 per cent and the rest of 9 per cent of eCommerce transactions came from the rural areas.

Sony emerged as the leading brand on eBay followed by Nokia, Samsung, Apple and Reebok.

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