Huawei on Wednesday announced its entry into the enterprise business solutions market in India that would provide solutions for IP, communications and technology, and IT businesses and services. The Chinese information and communication technology (ICT) major also introduced its telepresence services (real-time video conferencing) and announced plans to hire 400 employees for the new business segment by this year-end.

Stating that Huawei's enterprise business was targeting $15 billion revenue globally by 2015, Huawei India President (Enterprise Business) Eric Yu said: “The enterprise business is becoming increasingly important here in India…Huawei's new enterprise products coincides with the growing willingness of enterprises to set up next-generation ICT architecture. We will target sectors such as transport, energy, telecom and finance, and continue to develop innovative enterprise networking products and solutions”.

Enterprise business contributed over $2 billion (7 per cent) to Huawei's global turnover in 2010, which is likely to go up to $4 billion by this year-end.

For Huawei, which has made deep inroads into the Indian telecom sector in the last few years, entering the enterprise business market is a strategic move aimed at catering to the Indian ICT sector as a whole.

“The emergence of cloud computing and the convergence of ICT has transformed the entire industry.

“his transformation and the parallel foray in to the enterprise business have offered Huawei unprecedented new opportunities and will provide enormous room for our strategic growth,” Mr. Yu said.

Similarly, the Chinese firm is banking on its high-definition telepresence services to boost its business in India. “We have now developed the telepresence video conferencing unit which can fundamentally change the board room meeting culture. It has been designed to include powerful processing capabilities to render the best possible audio and video as well as state-of-the-art reliability, security, and cost effective technologies,” Mr. Yu added.