Honda Siel Cars India, on Saturday, announced that it would call back 8532 units of the first generation City, manufactured in 2007, for a preventive part replacement of the power window switch.

HSCI is proactively replacing the part in these vehicles related to the potential problem of smoke coming out from the power window switch if water enters the driver window when window is left open during heavy rain, or is exposed to any other liquid due to spillage.

The replacement would be carried out free of cost and the company will communicate directly with the owners of the cars which are covered under this part replacement, according to a company release.

HSCI is carrying out the part replacement as part of a global exercise by Honda Motor Company to ensure stringent quality standards for its products.

The third generation City , currently sold in India , is not affected and does not require any part replacement, the release says.

HSCI further clarifies that the global recall does not impact the Honda Jazz sold in India . The recall announced by Honda applies to first generation Jazz and does not apply to the second generation Honda Jazz, which has been sold in India since June 2009.

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