Will increase yearly investments by 20 per cent

Xiotech Corporation, a leading high-performance storage blades provider, on Wednesday announced its expansion plans for its India operations and channel partner programme. The company will increase its yearly investment in India by 20 per cent.

Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, President and CEO of Xiotech Alan Atkinson said that the company was planning to expand its market share by taking advantage of the emerging market trends like virtualisation and virtual desktop infrastructure.

Unlike the traditional storage arrays whose performance diminishes when the storage reaches 50 per cent, the intelligent storage elements of Xiotech would provide constant performance per terabyte regardless of scale, he claimed.

The company had one per cent of market share in storage elements.

It had invested $20 million in the engineering facility here.

The company had revenues of $70 million last year.

In India, the storage blades market size was $275 million and Xiotech had plans to open its offices in Mumbai and Bangalore, Mr. Atkinson said.

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