Trianz Inc and Vee Technologies, a premier BPO services-provider based in Bangalore has announced an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to create a financial services BPO.

Trianz provides consulting, information technology and BPO services to clients in high-technology, insurance, banking and life sciences industries.

Trianz’s President and CEO Sri Manchala, said in a statement that, “we see a continued evolution of client expectations from their partners. In that we see an opportunity to institutionalise our client experience, knowledge and leverage teams to add value in new spaces.”

“This partnership will also help Trianz expand its BPO capabilities from sales operations into finance operations,” he added.

Vee Technologies has processing experience of over USD 30 billion over the past 8-years and nearly USD 8 billion worth of transactions on an annual basis with blue-chips among its clients.

Commenting on the JV, Vee Technologies’ CEO Chocko Valliappa said, “we have always focused on offering world class standards of quality in the financial transactions processing space. Trianz brings a strong business perspective and focus on business results.”

The Trianz-Vee JV will offer BPO services primarily in financial accounting and transaction processing to customers worldwide, the statement said.

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