The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), on Monday, allowed operators to provide a new kind of recharge coupons for pre-paid connections that would provide dual benefit to consumers.

The new ‘Combo Vouchers’ will enable customers to add value in their mobile phone account as well as avail of services at discounted rates.

“...the Authority has decided, through the Fourth Amendment to the TCPR, 2012, to permit the Combo Vouchers as a fourth category of vouchers with safeguards,” TRAI said in a statement.

Earlier rules allowed only three categories of vouchers. namely, Plan Vouchers (either through cards or electronically) that enrols a consumer into a tariff plan, Top-up coupons for adding monetary value in to pre-paid account of consumers and Special Tariff Vouchers for getting value added services or discounts on services.

“The Combo Vouchers would provide monetary value and tariff concessions through a single voucher,” TRAI said.

As per TRAI’s instruction to telecom operators, Combo Vouchers will bear a blue colour band whereas the Top-Up coupons will have a green colour band.

Telecom operators will also have to provide option of standalone top-up vouchers along with combo vouchers.

The regulation says that combo vouchers will clearly have to mention the terms and conditions so that subscribers can make an informed choice.


TRAI says existing tariff regime to continueJanuary 13, 2013