ALTA-XinTong Solar Tech, a joint venture between ALTA Energy Technologies and China's leading solar system solution provider XinTong, has introduced all DC solar power systems for use in telecom towers. This would help reduce the use of diesel by converting the existing towers to run on solar power system.

Addressing presspersons here on Tuesday, E. M. Abdul Manaf, Managing Director of the joint venture said, the cost of power generation was much lower than diesel generators and the monthly expenditure on diesel would be sufficient to cover the principal loan and interest payment.

Out of three lakh telecom sites in India, over 30,000 were in off-grid rural locations running on diesel 24 hours a day.

The solar system, based on ALTA's all DC solutions, would be an ideal alternative to diesel generators as a power source, Mr. Manaf said. This would save two billion litres of diesel used by the tower operators every year. The company was hoping to sell 2,000 solar power systems by the end of this year.

According to Shih, Chief Technology Officer, with more than 40,000 solar power telecom sites in China, XinTong was the world leader in integrated solar powered systems. Most of these systems were operating in remote regions with coolest and hottest climates.

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