Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Monday filed a suit in an Australian court to try to block local sales of Apple Inc’s iPhone 4S smartphone.

The move came days after Apple won a temporary injunction stopping the South Korean company from launching its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer in Australia.

Last week, Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett ruled the injunction was justified because of the likelihood Apple could prove Samsung had copied patents incorporated in the iPhone and iPad.

Samsung had already voluntarily delayed the launch of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 pending the outcome of a court wrangle that was expected to run into next year.

Samsung said the iPhone 4S had infringed its patents on two mobile broadband standards.

“In light of these violations, Samsung believes the sale of such Apple devices should be injuncted,” Samsung said in a statement.

“Apple has continued to violate our patent rights and free ride on our technology. We will steadfastly protect our intellectual property.”

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