Mukesh Ambani-owned Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) has termed the advertisement campaign of Anil Ambani-owned Reliance Natural Resources Ltd. (RNRL) as “malicious, mischievous, baseless and ill-informed” propaganda and urged the government to put an end to these malafide endeavours for the sake of energy security of the country.

In a letter written to Petroleum Secretary R. S. Pandey, RIL president and CEO (Petroleum), P. M. S. Prasad, said “certain parties are bent upon holding the country’s price and national interest hostage to their own narrow commercial interests and are stopping at nothing to destroy the reputation of the country. It is necessary to nip these malafide endeavours in the bud for the sake of the energy security of the country.” Without naming any individual or group, Mr. Prasad said the “unprovoked and unjustified attack on the credibility of the project” was being carried out by vested interests having little understanding of any mega project execution, leave alone complex deepwater projects.

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