OrangeSoft Info Tech, a subsidiary of the U.S.-based OrangeSoft Technologies, has launched two web portals — orangesocial and

OrangeSocial is a paid service and a web-based collaboration tool offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service). A company has to pay to use or purchase the software tool to use.

It is a corporate networking platform built for companies to use it internally within their organisation, according to Raghavan V. Chellappan, Chief Technology Officer, OrangeSoft Technologies.

OrangeSocial serves as a platform where for both corporate and educational sectors collaborate and leverage on today's social web. This platform will help companies and academic institutions to deliver knowledge management models and help to meet social campus needs. The platform is structured on the latest tools and specially designed for non-technical users.

The website offered simple and powerful communication tool for both small and medium-sized companies and educational institutions., Mr. Chellappan said, was a multi-lingual social networking platform specifically designed to help individuals to organise their digital content while making it universally accessible and useful.

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