Sify Technologies, a provider of converged ICT services, and Vidyo Inc. of the U.S., have launched of Sify videomeet, a new-generation video conferencing-as-a-service for enterprises and emerging businesses. Vidyo is a provider of multi-point video conferencing on tablets and mobile phones.

Sify videomeet allows users to initiate and experience high-definition (HD), multi-point video collaboration beyond conventional conference rooms, without dedicated networks and on multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktops and laptops. The highlight of this offering is the seamless adaptability to network vagaries. Sify videomeet will enable emerging businesses and enterprises to have video conferencing at less than Rs.3 per minute. Customers could pay a fixed rental for getting unlimited video conferencing access or avail themselves of the ‘pay-per-use' option.

Vidyo's solution can be expanded, upgraded and customised for individual enterprise, according to Daniel Alex, Senior Vice-President Network Services, Sify.