NetApp and Tata Communications are offering the benefits of cloud computing in data centres to enterprises, on a managed services basis, cost effective for small and medium businesses.

(A new generation of computing that utilises distant servers for data storage and management, allowing the evice to use smaller and more efficient chips that consume less energy than standard computers.)

In a teleconference here on Thursday, NetApp India Director Surajit Sen and Tata Communications Vice-President Alok Bardiya said they expected the service would be used by a large section of mid-market companies.

“Cloud computing is not another hype. Roughly 5 per cent of larger Indian enterprises are already into it and another 40 per cent are actively considering changing over to cloud service providers” Mr. Sen said. “The managed services package comes with backup, net connectivity and firewall security. Customers can switch to individual virtual machines on a pay-as-you-use basis. Cloud computing technology makes consolidation of data centres less expensive for those on a limited IT budget and makes manpower optimisation possible,” Mr. Bardiya said.

Cloud services had the strengths of shared systems, exchange information with business partners and all these made innovation posssible within an enterprise and increase productivity, he said.

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