The mediation process in the Infosys visa case against its employee Jack Palmer, which was initiated by a U.S. Federal judge, failed on Tuesday, Infosys said on Wednesday. The failure implies that the case would now go up for trial on August 20. An Infosys spokesperson said the talks failed despite Judge Coody’s earnest attempts to help both parties forge a settlement.” “Our sights are now set on presenting the facts of this case in open court on August 20,” the spokesperson added.

Mr. Palmer had alleged that the company had adopted fraudulent practices to abuse U.S. visas for employees working onsite at U.S. locations of clients. He alleged that Infosys mis-utilised short term B-1 business visas to employ its staff from India on onsite work in the U.S. The company has consistently refused to comment on the case, claiming that it is sub-judice.