Lenovo, on Thursday, launched five smartphones for the Indian market. The five,, which function on the Android-based operating system, are priced between Rs. 6,499 and Rs. 28,499.

The move by the Chinese personal computer (PC) manufacturer is to take advantage of the growing worldwide sales of smartphones. Addressing a press conference, Amar Babu, Managing Director, Lenovo India, said, “the foray in smartphones stems from Lenovo’s 4 screen strategy in the PC+ era of which smartphones is a key component.”

The four screens comprise PCs, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs.

Last year, Lenovo set up MIDH (Mobile Internet Digital Home) to make a foray into smart devices. J.D.Howard, Vice-President, Lenovo, MIDH, said: “Out of the 6 billion phones in the world, 900 million are smartphones, and so it is still in its infancy. We built a successful mobile phone business in China reaching the number two position in smartphone category in less than 18 months.”

Priority market

According to Mr. Howard, India is a priority market for Lenovo, and, the Indian smartphone market, at around 18 million units, is growing fast.

Mr. Babu said the smartphones would initially be available at retail outlets in the next few days in the four southern states and Gujarat.

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