A crucial meeting between the management and the striking employees of Kingfisher Airlines on Monday remained inconclusive as the workers refused to accept a proposal of staggered payment of three months’ salary by Diwali (November 15).

This is the first time the management has relented in order to save the airline from closure.

After talks failed in the first round of the meeting on Monday afternoon, where employees were offered one month’s salary to call off the strike, the management came up with the offer to pay the salary for March within 24 hours (50 per cent of staff have already been paid the salary) and for April within a week.

The management also said the salary for May will be paid before Diwali.

But employees insisted on getting at least for four months’ salary instantly before joining duty.

“We don’t trust the management. Many of their previous promises were never met. We want them to give us in writing or issue postdated cheques,” said an employee, asking not to be named.

Kingfisher Airlines Chief Executive Officer Sanjay Aggarwal and other top officials did not respond to calls.

Reuters reported Mr. Aggarwal as saying that the company had negotiated with employees for payment of three months’ salaries before Diwali and expressing hope that they would be back at work “in a day or two.”

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