The offer of three months’ salary by Kingfisher Airlines to its employees in the next 24 days has divided them. Many desperate employees are wiling to accept whatever possible with the fear of losing every thing, including their jobs.

The decision of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Saturday last to suspend the airline’s licence has fuelled fears among employees that the airline would close down its operations, leaving everybody in the lurch.

“ Representatives from Delhi walked out of the meeting as their colleagues in the base refused to accept the offer. Many employees from other bases have more or less accepted the offer. Negotiations will continue,” said an employee privy to the discussion. “They are chanting the same mantra that there is no money. When will they clear the backlog? We have not been paid since March. After the suspension of licence, even grocery shop owners have refused to supply provisions on credit,” said another employee.

Pilots and engineers of the airline are on a strike since September 30, and the airline declared partial lock-out on October 1 which has been extended several times till October 23.

The DGCA suspended the airline’s flying permit on safety and financial concerns as the airline could not offer a satisfactory reply to a show cause notice.

Kingfisher Airline’s shares, on Monday, closed on the Bombay Stock Exchange with a loss of 4.80 per cent at Rs.10.90. Meanwhile, employees are gearing up for a large protest at the Formula 1 venue near New Delhi where Kingfisher Airlines Chairman Vijay Mallya is expected to arrive to cheer his FI team Force India.

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