Cisco Systems (India) Pvt Ltd and Intel Technology India Pvt Ltd will soon be launching innovative digital healthcare education solutions for medical institutions. Both will work with independent software vendors (ISVs) to provide content for medical institutions.

The two companies would offer virtual classroom environment to medical students. R. Ravichandran, Director, Sales and World Ahead Programme (South Asia), Intel, told The Hindu on Friday that through the digital healthcare education model they would deploy IT infrastructure and network connectivity in medical colleges and para medical colleges.

Rajkumar Natarajan, Vice-President, Cisco, said his company had decided to help those institutions which had a low IT infrastructure to easily build up the IT capacity through this new initiative.

New technologies such as video conferencing, tele-presence and virtual class rooms would play a major role in medical education.

Mr. Natarajan said Cisco was also working with Ashok Leyland on a project — Intellect urbanisation-vehicle connected concept.

Under this programme, all the ambulances would be connected with the hospitals through wi-fi. This would enable the hospitals and the ambulances to work together on the requirement of the patients.

Mr. Ravichandran said the entire project would be taken up in a phased manner.