Infosys is bucking the trend with its new ‘cloud ecosystem hub’ by eyeing larger clients over the small and medium enterprises that cloud service providers usually target.

The hub software provides a platform in which enterprises can manage all of their IT resources and third-party cloud services.

It charges a fee, calculated according to the usage and type, which serves as its revenue model.

“Most of the small and medium enterprises have usually invested in a data centre and thus aren’t too suited for this. What we are looking at is at bigger companies which have invested into the fragmented cloud services market and help them manage it in a much more efficient manner,” said Vishnu G. Bhat, Vice-President & Global Head-Cloud.

According to Mr. Bhat, with the proliferation of cloud services in the market, it has become difficult for companies to manage their own data on the cloud.

“I have reports of companies which have jumped into various cloud platforms and then realised they could not integrate it into their ecosystem. With our ecosystem hub, we smooth this over and increase the efficiency of their cloud services by giving them data/trends and letting them manage it better,” he said.

The company, which launched its cloud integration software solution in early August, has been seeing good response in the market so far, and is working with cloud service providers and clients to refine the product.

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