Rolls out a 24x7 electronic branch

ICICI Bank is exploring options to launch its services from social media platform Facebook, to expand its Internet banking services.

ICICI is one of the first banks that had a presence on Facebook, and is presently the only bank open for small non-cash transactions such as account statement enquiries and requests for cheque books. The bank is currently planning to incorporate credit and debit transactions in the near future. “You can expect some news in the next few months,” ICICI chief technology officer Mukesh Kumar Jain said.

Mr. Jain was here on Wednesday to launch ICICI’s new initiatives, including the rolling out of a 24x7 electronic branch and the launch of a eLocker facility for wealth customers.

He also announced introduction of Tab banking services aimed at giving potential customers an opportunity to open their accounts from their homes.

He said account security was not a major concern for the bank as it had the required technology safeguards to ensure customers’ data safety. ICICI had close to seven lakh ‘likes’ on Facebook.

The proposed expansion of services on the social network platform was part of efforts to provide next-gen banking solutions in line with its ‘Khayaal Aapka’ (your care) philosophy, he added.

Replying to queries, he said two-thirds of the bank’s transactions were through the ATM and Internet while mobile banking customers were still small.

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