Customers can print from mobile device using HP's ePrint technology. The new line-up includes a broad portfolio of ePrint-enabled printers that spans across Officejet, Laserjet and Designjet categories.

Hewlett Packard (HP) has decided to maximise cloud computing in its printing technology solutions. Leveraging the cloud, it has launched the industry's first ePrint-enabled and web-connected printers for businesses. The new line-up includes a broad portfolio of ePrint-enabled printers that spans across Officejet, Laserjet and Designjet categories. This has been the follow-up launch of its consumer ePrint-enabled printers in June.

At the HP Innovation Summit held in Singapore, the company unveiled a range of web-enabled and cloud-based printing solutions. These printers provide customers with the freedom and convenience to print from any mobile device using HP's ePrint technology. Leveraging the cloud, HP's ePrint enables businesses to manage content and print quickly and securely by emailing their desired files such as e-mails, work documents and images directly to any ePrint-enabled HP printer with an Internet connection, eliminating the need to install drivers. With just an email address assigned to the printer, ePrint will work from any mobile device, including smartphones, laptops, and even the iPad.

“If you can e-mail it, you can now print it,” said John Solomon, Senior Vice-President, Imaging and Printing, Group Asia Pacific and Japan. “This opens up a new world of possibilities for businesses. And what's more we are breaking the barriers for business acceleration with innovations that are truly industry first.”

Pointing out that cloud computing is going to be the next technology evolution, Mr. Solomon said HP took a lead and has introduced a range of printers. The industry was moving from analog to digital. Soon the printing world would also go digital. Be it music, photograpy or prints, it will go digital.

HP is leveraging this and has launched these printers. These printers work on cloud computing. When the document is sent through mobile or smartphones to an end-customer, he can receive the same documents through the HP web-enabled printers located at the customer-end. These printers work on HP applications and these applications are available in Goolgle Docs, and Biztree. The company also announced its first local application — Yahoo! 7 and Yahoo! Xtra — for Australia and New Zealand respectively.

“We are focussed on delivering more locally-relevant applications for APJ (Asia Pacific and Japan). All the new innovations and products launched here in Singapore translate into businesses being able to better manage their flow of content,” Mr. Solomon said

HP ePrint technology gives each HP printer an e-mail address that allows direct printing to the office while on-the-go and convenient printing for clients or colleagues visiting the office-no drivers or software necessary. This unique e-mail address can also be reset at any time. Customers can also set a “white list” to ensure they only receive prints from a select list of email addresses.

NG Tian Chong, Vice-President, Imaging and Printing Group, Consume, Inkjet and Web Solutions, Asia Pacific and Japan, said HP printer range offered a compelling solution for all business needs.

Gido Van Praag, Vice-President, Graphic Solutions Business, said the game was changing for the graphic business as far as the printing technology was concerned. It was providing a most collaborative solutions for architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) industries and enterprises per say.

HP has adapted its ePrint platform to meet the needs of the AEC market and enterprise businesses that require geographical information maps printouts, urban development print illustrations or other forms of large format technical drawings.

For the first time, HP redefines the large-format printing experience for these professionals. The new solutions help teams collaborate across multiple locations, streamline processes and reduce costs.


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