Centre of Excellence will cater for Asia Pacific and Japan

Hewlett Packard is looking at boosting its business intelligence services with the launch of a global client ‘Centre of Excellence’ here in Chennai. The centre is for German business software maker SAP’s HANA platform, which is used in real-time analysis of big data.

Connection point

“This Centre of Excellence that we established here will cater for the whole of the Asia Pacific and Japan for HANA. It will create and develop new intellectual property and also serve as a connection point for sales and delivery,” said P. V. Venkatachalam, Director, Applications and Business Services, Hewlett Packard (HP) India, without divulging details on the number of employees or investment.

“It has become important for companies to be able to gain insights from the volume of data they generate from various sources. HANA helps companies convert this data into information,” he said.

SAP HANA is a pre-loaded packaged software and hardware bundle which is manufactured and supplied by HP. It uses in-memory computing that allows customers to speed up data analysis to seconds instead of hours.

“We will leverage this centre to help and get customers in India especially. Now that we have established a Centre of Excellence, prospective customers can come to demo first-hand how this helps improve productivity, reduce costs by streamlining the data analysis process,” said Maneesh Sharma, Head, Business Analytics and Technology, SAP India.