U.S.-based Harley-Davidson on Thursday announced its plans to formally enter the motorcycle market in India in 2010. The company has established a subsidiary in Gurgaon and begun the process of seeking dealers in select cities, including metros, to sell its iconic motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson Motor Company President and Chief Operating Officer Matthew Levatich said: “As India continues to extend its global reach, so does Harley-Davidson. Given the rapid development of India’s economy and physical infrastructure, this is exactly the right time to bring the world’s greatest motorcycles to one of the world’s largest motorcycling nations. Our unique brand, distinctive motorcycles and strong experience in the leisure motorcycle market make us naturally suited to help lead and define the next era of motorcycling in India.”

The company’s current approach is to import its motorcycles, accessories and riding gear, and it would continue to evaluate how best to evolve its approach to the market as Harley-Davidson’s business in India grows. Harley-Davidson is the global leader in cruising and touring motorcycles and ranks as one of the strongest brands in the world, with motorcycle sales now in more than 70 countries. According to Mr. Levatich: “The Harley-Davidson brand represents self-expression, adventure, the freedom of the open road, and belonging to a global community – a family of riders. We know the relevance of the Harley-Davidson brand rings true in India just as it does in other markets around the world.”

The subsidiary in India will be led by newly-appointed Managing Director Anoop Prakash. The company will focus its initial steps in India on growing the Harley-Davidson brand through the establishment of local dealer network.

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