The first unit of the combined cycle power plant of GMR Rajahmundry Energy Limited located at Vemagiri with 384 MW capacity was synchronised to the grid on December 9.

The unit is part of the GMR Group's venture of setting up the 2x384 MW capacity combined cycle power plant adjacent to its existing plant. The first unit was commissioned in 24 months and the second one is expected to go on stream by February.

Setting at rest the apprehensions about availability of gas, the GMR Group, in a release, said the project was identified as a XI Plan project and was shortlisted for gas allocation by the Centre.

Accordingly, the GMR Group expressed hope that the project would receive necessary gas supplies shortly.

The Energy department officials, however, said the full-scale testing and commissioning of the project was yet to be completed.

The present synchronisation was a formal test and was basically to showcase the readiness of the company to operate it as and when gas allocation is made, said an official. .

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