EdServ, an education services company, has signalled its foray into the mobile application space with the launch of HumThum.com, a mobile handset-based knowledge application.

This knowledge application can be accessed anywhere anytime from a mobile smartphone. EdServ, it may be noted, has been providing online education support services through its business division www.lampsglow.com.

Online tuition services, test preparation services, doubt-clearing sessions and interactive sessions between teachers and students via the Internet are among the desktop or laptop-based support services EdServ has been providing via www.lampsglow.com.

Students have to register online to access contents for relevant programmes such as CA coaching or test preparation for IIT-JEE or AIEEE test. The fee is based on a per-hour basis and includes recorded as well as live sessions. Students are given user names and passwords to help log into his account.

The same educational content that has thus far been available via the Internet on www.lampsglow.com will now be available on Samsung smartphones, which, by default, will have the HumThum.com application pre- installed on the phone.

In the pilot phase of the roll out, over 50,000 students have reportedly accessed HumThum’s mobile application. S. Giridharan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, is confident that EdServ will reach a user base of 10 million in the next 18-24 months. EdServ’s educational content and tuition services will be available across all Samsung smartphones in their Java application stores in India.

According to him, there is no need for any separate registration or payment for the HumThum mobile application. “All those who have registered on www.lampsglow.com can access the same educational content on the Samsung Smart Phone,’’ he points out.

EdServ, according to Mr. Giridharan, has also opened up parleys with other leading makers to lodge HumThum application on their mobile smartphones.

The company, he claims, has taken over two years, spent several man-hours and invested close to USD one million to make its foray into the mobile application space.

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