Microsoft Corporation CEO Steve Ballmer on Thursday downplayed the news of rival Apple overtaking his company as world's most valuable technology company, and said that they (Microsoft) would continue to focus on developing good products, leaving the stock market to take care of itself.

Stating that no technology company today was as profitable as Microsoft, Mr. Ballmer said: “It's a long game. We have good competitors...we too are a very good competitor.” Microsoft was executing very well and that was going to lead to great products and great success; how the stock market chooses to reflect on that is up to the stock market, he said while talking to journalists here.

Mr. Ballmer further said: “My focus is on everyday... what we should be doing to our product line, where do we go, how do we make products more innovative.” He also said that Microsoft would be launching a new software, Windows Phone 7, for mobile phones by the end of 2010.

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