Nasdaq-listed Cognizant (CTS) and bioinformatics software company Eagle Genomics on Tuesday said that they were working with life sciences company Pistoia Alliance Inc. to develop a conceptual cloud-based platform to facilitate access to public and proprietary sources of gene sequence data. The Pistoia Alliance's sequence services aim to define and document a hosted service for storing and mining both proprietary derived gene/sequence information and public domain gene databases, Cognizant said in a statement.

“This conceptual platform developed by Cognizant and Eagle Genomics, as part of this piloting stage, will enable working group companies to securely share their bioinformatics resources..”, it said.

The future of collaboration and extremalisation within life sciences industry would increasingly utilise information services and the Pistoia expects to run future pilots to further explore this business model involving a range of participants, it said.

Under the agreement, Eagle Genomics would provide the knowledge on bioinformatics and Cognizant would manage the development of the platform and help strengthen the initiative.

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