Launches integrated learning solutions Classedge

Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), a leading player in e-learning and simulations, on Monday launched Classedge, an integrated learning solution for the Indian school education sector. TIS enters the school segment with an initial investment of Rs 100 crore from Tata Industries and plans to increase its current headcount of 200 employees in its school division to 600 by the end of this year.

Over 20 years, TIS has been developing interactive learning solutions for reputed educational publishers and institutions across the U.S., the U.K., Europe and West Asia.

Classedge is an innovative and comprehensive education solution designed to help teachers deliver high quality instruction, with an effective blend of classroom activities and interactive multimedia demonstrations.

According to TIS CEO Sanjay Sharma, “the launch of Classedge is a significant milestone for us, as we see huge potential in the market, with a large number of Indian schools still untouched by technological benefits. Today's education system needs to give a window for participatory learning where students get an opportunity to test their problem-solving skills. Through Classedge, we intend to reach out to schools, educational counsellors and parents to address the gaps in the current educational practices. Our aim is to encourage experiential learning and creative thinking in students and enhance the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process.'' He added that India's supplemental education represents a $15-billion market opportunity over the next decade and “we plan to target schools in over 100 cities in this year. We are committed to expand the market and establish a leadership position in this segment.''

The market for technology-enabled learning solutions in the school education sector has experienced a double digit annual growth in the past five years.