Acer on Tuesday introduced new smartphone series ‘Liquid’, promising outstanding multimedia, web browsing, social media integration and video streaming capabilities. Priced at Rs. 24,900, ‘Liquid’ is the world’s first Qualcomm Snapdragon processor-based and world’s first Android 1.6 high definition smartphone, combining cutting-edge technologies, software innovation and an ultra-fluid user interface to create an all-new mobile experience.

Addressing a press conference here, Acer Smart Handheld Business Group (SHBG)’s India Country Head Richard Tan said: “Liquid exemplifies speed in style and will please the style-seeking smartphone consumer.

Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon running Android 1.6, the smartphone delivers real-time ubiquitous communication and location-aware content.”

It also bolsters a set of unique features developed by Acer and its partners that include improved power management, a new user interface.