Eyeing youngsters as the key market for its new energy drink ‘Burn’, beverage major Coca- Cola today rolled out a concept car, designed by auto stylist Dilip Chhabria, for driving the new brand’s visibility.

The car would be travel to nightclubs and other joints frequented by youngsters in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore as part of the promotion drive.

“There has been a gap in our portfolio and we are covering it with the launch of Burn. We see a lot of potential here,” Coca-Cola India Vice-President (Marketing) Ricardo Fort, told reporters.

He said the energy drink market is estimated to be around two million units cases and is growing at 60 per cent in India. In the next three years, it is likely to grow by over 50 per cent at 4.4 million cases by 2012.

As part of the promotional campaign for the new drink, the company unveiled the car inspired by ‘Burn’ and designed by Dilip Chhabria Design studio.

“Our new drink targets the youth segment. It will particularly target nightclubs and other night channels. So keeping in mind with its theme of energy and potency, we are rolling out a concept car, which will be specially used for brand visibility,” Mr. Fort said.

Burn is a two-year-old brand from the Coca-Cola portfolio and is present in over 76 countries. It will be priced at Rs. 75 for every 250 ml can.

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