Air India flights, particularly those destined to Europe, are likely to be affected as the major cabin crew union has threatened to start ‘work-to-rule’ agitation from midnight to protest the management’s alleged failure in resolving wage and career related issues.

The Shiv-Sena backed All India Cabin Crew Association (AICCA), which claims representation of around 3,000 cabin crew in the national carrier, has directed its members to adhere to the timings related to flights, duty and rest period and not perform beyond these rules.

“All crew have been directed to adhere the flight time, duty time and minimum rest periods strictly from midnight today,” AICCA General Secretary Sanjay Lazar told PTI here.

The Association has also “withdrawn all cooperation to the management with immediate effect” saying it has “failed” to address several long pending issues including those related to wages and promotion, Lazar said.

“Flight time limitations and duty time limitations are the subject matter of record notes, agreements, settlements and awards, all of which have been upheld by the honourable courts including the Supreme Court,” Lazar said.

Most of the international flights beyond midnight, which are likely to be affected, are Europe-bound. These flights have already been delayed due to the recurrence of volcanic ash.