GE Healthcare has launched here its advanced CT scanners, designed for the Indian market with 30 per cent localisation. These are priced at Rs. 90 lakh each, said to be 40 per cent lower than similar diagnostic equipment in the advanced markets.

Rolling out the first scanner, GE Healthcare's Global President Johan Dineen told reporters on Tuesday that “GE has spent close to $60 million on research work in India and will invest and expand our facilities to make more equipment like the portable ECG machine launched last year.” India was an important market because it continued to grow despite the global slowdown and further investment would include more skilled scientific staff and equipment, he said. India and China together formed 8-10 per cent of GE Healthcare's sales.

GE Healthcare India President V. Raja said “We will produce 40 units of these scanners to start with and build up to 80 units in two years, depending on the demand.