R Chandrasekaran becomes Executive Vice-Chairman of Cognizant India

IT services major Cognizant has re-jigged its top management with the appointment of Rajeev Mehta as CEO (IT Services) and R Chandrasekaran as Executive Vice-Chairman of Cognizant India.

While Mr. Mehta earlier served as the firm’s Group Chief Executive (Industries and Markets), Mr. Chandrasekaran was the company’s Group Chief Executive (Technology and Operations).

On December 4, 2013, Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation effected certain organisational changes, the company said in a filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

“Effective December 4, 2013, Mr. Rajeev Mehta has been appointed Chief Executive Officer, IT Services, and will no longer serve as the company’s Group Chief Executive — Industries and Markets.

“Mr. Ramakrishnan Chandrasekaran has been appointed Executive Vice-Chairman, Cognizant India, and will no longer serve as the Company’s Group Chief Executive — Technology and Operations,” Cognizant said in the filing.

Meanwhile, Cognizant, in a statement, said: “To fill the very large shoes of Chandra in the delivery organisation, Sumithra Gomatam, Debashis Chatterjee, and Allen Shaheen will assume new responsibilities reporting to Mr. Rajeev Mehta.”

Mr. Sumithra Gomatam will be Executive Vice-President (EVP) and take the newly-created role of President, Industry Solutions. Delivery teams in Products & Resources, Insurance, Information Media & Entertainment and Communications & Technology will report to him, the U.S-based firm added.

Mr. Debashis Chatterjee has also been promoted to EVP, and will take the newly-created role of President, Technology Solutions with responsibility for horizontal practices within IT Services.

Mr .Allen Shaheen has been promoted to EVP, and will continue to be responsible for Cognizant’s horizontal practices in Europe and for oversight of the integration of six companies of the C1 Group. In addition, he will assume leadership of our EAS and QE&A teams outside of India, it added.

Cognizant also appointed Kris Venkat as President (Healthcare & Life Sciences), Prasad Chintamaneni as President (Banking and Financial Services) and D K Sinha as President (Client Services). Both Mr. Chintamaneni and Mr. Sinha have been promoted as EVP.

The firm also promoted Mahesh Venkateswaran, Kalyan Mohan, Srinivasan Veeraraghavachary, Santosh Thomas, Mark Livingston, Gajen Kandiah and Steven Schwartz as EVP.

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