Peeved over what is being seen as a disparity in the wage structure of the banking industry vis-à-vis government employees, State Bank of India (SBI) Officers’ Association (Bengal circle) wants SBI to have a separate wage structure on the lines of the Reserve Bank of India.

Stating this, Sakti Kumar Haldar, General Secretary, SBIOA (Bengal circle), said here at a press conference that the entry-level monthly salary for a clerk in the banking industry was Rs. 7,712 as compared to Rs. 12,793 for a government clerk. The gap was wider at the executive level, he said.

In addition, three lakh employees of SBI now felt deprived on account of the latest 17.5 per cent salary revision in the banking industry which Mr. Haldar said was discriminatory against SBI employees.

He explained that this was so on account of the denial of the benefit of additional cost being paid to other banks for payment of pension as a second option.

Mr. Haldar said that due to a prevalent ceiling on gratuity payments, the employees retired with a leaner purse as compared to other bank employees.

On the stand of the All India State Bank Officers Federation on these issues, he said the AISBOF along with the Staff Federation had already held initial discussions with the SBI management to resolve the issues.

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