The pan-India bid license for Broadband Wireless Access spectrum touched Rs 12,257 crore on Wednesday, after two weeks of auction, which translates into a revenue of Rs 36,772 crore for the Government from the sale of three slots.

At this bid price, the total revenue for the Government from the 3G and BWA auctions will amount to Rs 1.12 lakh crore. The reserve price for the BWA all-India licence was fixed at Rs 1,750 crore. The Government got Rs 67,719 crore from the sale of 3G spectrum.

Among the individual circles, bids for Delhi and Mumbai were at Rs 2,101.02 crore and Rs 2,152.95 crore respectively. Tamil Nadu garnered a bid of Rs 1,931.06 crore, while the Karnataka bid touched Rs 1,527.98 crore. Except Delhi, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh and Mumbai, all other circles saw either negative bidding or no bidding.

Eight rounds of auction were held on Wednesday.