Cautions against building up atmosphere of accusations, counter-accusations

India, which has conveyed its concerns to the U.S. on outsourcing and H1B visa fee hike, has said the Obama administration is looking into the matter, which can be resolved in a “very reasoned and rationale way” given the maturity and increasing depth in bilateral ties.

It also cautioned against building up an “atmosphere of accusations and counter-accusations” over the matter as such things would not help solve it.

“It (outsourcing) is one of the issues in the U.S.-India relationship. We have taken it up with the American administration at all levels. They are very aware of the concerns that we have on this issue and the fact that our companies are being targeted for no reason. This is an issue that we would like to see addressed,” Foreign Secretary Nirupama Roo told journalists here on Tuesday.

Ms. Rao was in the city to deliver the third Harish Mahindra Memorial Lecture at Harvard University. The lecture is given in honour of industrialist Anand Mahindra's father, who was the founding chairman of Mahindra Ugine Steel Company and a Harvard alumnus.

Earlier, Ms. Rao was in Washington, where she raised the issue of H1B visa fee hike and ban on outsourcing by Ohio State, apart from discussing President Barack Obama's November visit to India with senior U.S. officials.

“They (U.S. officials) have told us that they are alert and they have understood the depth of our concern on (outsourcing ban). They are looking into the matter,” Ms. Rao added.

Ms. Rao said it was because of a “measure of maturity” in India-U.S. relations that both countries were able to discuss issues such as outsourcing and visa fee hike in a rationale manner.

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