The IT hardware industry has been grappling with regulatory issues over the last one year

The Manufacturers’ Association for Information Technology (MAIT) has started working closely with the BJP’s head for ICT (information, communication, and technology) industry interface and policy issues so as to hit the ground running when the new government starts functioning.

The IT hardware industry has been grappling with a number of regulatory issues over the last one year, the most prominent of which is its tussle with the Bureau of Industry Standards over certification standards. The outgoing dispensation, for instance, also recently ordered a change in which electronic products would have to be labelled.

“Not only was the label change an outrageous demand… it was also expected to be executed at such short notice. We are hoping that a number of the issues that have delayed shipments and have caused potential spikes in prices will soon be sorted,” said a top executive of a leading PC and laptop firm.

According to a note, MAIT has reached out to Vinit Goenka, who is the head for ICT industry interface & policy issues, and his team.

“The expectations from the new government are very high, and MAIT has been working closely for the past few months with the team advising the new government on ICT,” said the MAIT note.

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