Passengers of a special AirAsia X charity flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur next month are in for a special treat.

The flight attendant serving them will be none other than Virgin Airlines’ boss Sir Richard Branson— all decked in make-up, a pair of high heels and a short red skirt.

The reason? A bet gone wrong, won by none other than AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes, over who had the better Formula One team.

Sir Richard and Mr. Fernandes had wagered on which one of their Formula One racing teams (then Virgin and Lotus) would finish ahead of each other in their debut season of the 2010 Formula One Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi.

The loser would have to serve as a female flight attendant on board the winner's airline. Tony Fernandes' then Team Lotus finished two spots above Sir Branson Marussia Virgin Racing team in the final rankings.

“More than two years after losing a friendly bet, Sir Richard will strut his stuff as a flight attendant on a special AirAsia X charity flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur on May 12,” said an AirAsia press release.

Full circle

“The day of reckoning for Sir Richard has finally arrived,” Mr. Fernandes said in the release.

“Both Richard and I have come full circle and who would have thought my mentor will be serving as a flight attendant on AirAsia. It is an awkward moment when you go down memory lane and recall the times I used to work for Richard. And it’s hilarious to think now, that it is Richard who will be working for me as a sassy flight attendant,” he said.

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