Informatica, the $811-milion data integration software products firm, is looking to overhaul its Indian sales strategy through a more partner-focussed approach that will allow the company take larger portion of the market.

In a symbolic shift, the Nasdaq-listed, U.S-based firm also has more employees working in India than in the U.S. now, with its Bangalore research and development centre also surpassing its counterpart in the company headquarters in terms of workforce size.

The company, which operates through primarily a licence and subscription-based model, is looking to expand its partner ecosystem. It currently gets a large percentage of its global revenue from direct sales as opposed to channel partners, and is looking to proactively change that mix over the next few years.

“We’re definitely expanding them [the partners]. We’re looking to mirror what we did in China, we recently signed up hundreds of partners for our new product offering, and we’re looking to do a similar model in India,” said Marge Breya, Executive Vice-President & Chief Marketing Officer, in an interaction with The Hindu on Tuesday.

According to Ashutosh Kulkarni, Senior Vice-President, Informatica has invested in hiring a large team of Bangalore-based solutions architects and experts who will work directly with the company’s system integrator (SI) partners.

“While we have made significant investment in direct sales capacity, more importantly, what we are doing with our partners is that we literally have one or more people assigned to every SI partner. These people help them and enable them with their client engagement and make sure we can win jointly,” he said. “If we can do that [our partner strategy], we feel we can take a much larger portion of the Indian and A-PAC market,” he added.


Feel the vibeJune 30, 2013