The total head count at present in India is close to 200. It will be scaled up gradually

Global IT conglomerate Hitachi Solutions is looking at acquiring five firms in Microsoft dynamics domain by 2015. Each deal size will be close to $40 million, said Mike Gillis, Global COO, Microsoft dynamics business, Hitachi.

Speaking on the sidelines of a conference, where the company announced its global development centre here, Mr. Gillis said, “The dynamics business is a fast growing segment at Hitachi. We are hoping to grow our revenues from the expected $100 million for the current fiscal to about $600 million by 2015.” The company was predominantly looking at the U.S. and the U.K. for the acquisitions, he said. Hitachi had recently acquired Canada-based Ideaca, a significant player in consulting domain, which, the company expected, would contribute significantly to its revenue for the current fiscal.

Hitachi Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Ananth Subramanian said one of the companies under evaluation for acquisition was from India. “We may zero in on the firm soon. No decision has been taken yet on the Indian firm,” he said.

Hitachi Solutions has three development centres in India, including the biggest one in Hyderabad that can house 300 people. The other two are located in Chennai and Pune. The total head count at present in India is close to 200, and it will be scaled up gradually based on the growth, according to the company.

The development centre at DLF SEZ in Hyderabad will cater to the requirements of Hitachi’s global businesses.

Hitachi Solutions business constitutes 20 per cent of the $19 billion revenue from Hitachi’s IT segment. A major part of the solutions business comes from the U.S. and the U.K. Doing business in India was easy and ideal for Hitachi compared to China. High-quality of IT professionals and consistent market were the factors that motivated the company to have increasing presence in India, the COO said. Hitachi was also looking at countries such as the Philippines for expansion going forward, he added.

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