A U.S government website that is currently inviting public comments on whether to allow the spouses of H-1B visa-holders to work has provided a glimpse at the trials and tribulations of Indians who go abroad to work ‘onsite’ at various IT firms.

The Department of Homeland Security, a U.S government body, had, a few months ago, decided to allow spouses of H-1B visa-holders, who are seeking green cards, to get work authorisation.

The U.S government is, therefore, interested in collecting comments through its ‘Regulations.gov’ comment board, which allows feedback to rise and fall on its own merit.

One H-1B visa-holder, who identifies himself as working for a top-tier Indian IT firm, points out that even though his wife has an MBA degree and worked in India for three years, she has been a “stay at home wife for a few years now”.

“I really hope this rule goes into effect. We together dreamed of having a wonderful career and life in the U.S. I feel guilty that in some ways I am responsible for putting a dent into my spouse’s career…many times I question myself whether I did right in coming back to the U.S after marriage,” said the visa-holder, who lists his name as Nitin Gupta.

“Once this goes through...we will settle down and then chase our dreams. I want to set an example for my daughter so that she can chase her own. This is what we came here for leaving our huge family behind in India,” Mr. Gupta added.

Of the close to 4,000 reports posted so far, a good majority seems to come from people of Indian origin. The comment period ends July 11. A few comments also come from people who identify themselves as American project managers, who write on behalf of their employees.

“I have close to five married visa-holders on my team, and I find it strange that their wives, though highly qualified, are sitting at home.

“To all my fellow Americans… these folks are not illegals. They are committed to spending their lives in the U.S, their spouses are hard-working and do pay taxes,” said a man who identified himself as Samuel Dalton.

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