For the second straight month global coffee exports witnessed an increase of 17 per cent at 9.21 million bags in November 2012, International Coffee Organisation (ICO) has said.

Worldwide shipments of the brewed beverage totalled 7.88 million bags (60 kg each bag) in the same month in 2011.

Global coffee shipments had risen by 17 per cent to 8.88 million bags in October 2012 from 7.57 million bags in October 2011. The crop year for coffee runs from October to September.

Total exports of the brew in October-November of 2012-13 crop year was up by 21 per cent to 18.73 million bags as compared to 15.45 million bags during the same period of 2011-12.

In the crop year of 2011-12, global coffee exports rose by three per cent to 107.8 million bags compared to 104.7 million bags in 2010-11, on the back of increased shipments from Vietnam, Indonesia and Mexico, ICO said.

The ICO has pegged the global production of the brew to rise by 8 per cent to 146 million bags in the current crop year from 134.6 million bags in the previous period.

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