The Fishery Survey of India (FSI) provided the general public an opportunity to take a peek at its activities, including visits to its trawlers, as part of its open house held on Thursday.

Specimens of marine organisms, including deep sea sharks, hammerhead sharks, and octopuses, that were on display impressed visitors. Lavanika and Matsya Varshini, the two trawlers of the FSI, was a major attraction. From curious students to elders, visitors thronged the vessel to listen to technical experts and scientists associated with the vessel.

Some of the administrative staff of the FSI were also seen visiting the vessel on the day.

“While on cruises, the vessels would stay in the waters for at least 20 days together and carry out the fishing operations. We fish exclusively for research purposes and conduct scientific studies on samples collected from different locations,” said Rahul Tailor, a researcher at FSI.

The FSI is focusing on the survey and assessment of the fishery wealth of the country, said D.M. Ali, senior scientist.

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