Dunlop India Ltd. is negotiating for a final settlement with the workmen at its Ambattur unit, the company management said at its annual general meeting.

Pawan Kumar Ruia, who is Chairman of the company, was not present at the meeting as he is not on the board of directors. The meeting, which used to be held at five-star hotels, took place this year at a city auditorium, and was sparsely attended by a few shareholders and was over within a short time.

The meeting was chaired by the Ashok Kumar Agarwal, a director. Dunlop management is presently contesting a winding-up order by Calcutta High Court.

However, the management said that it proposed to start production at the mother unit at Sahagunj here, and has submitted a definite proposal for phased reopening, to the workers. It said that the company management was taking all possible measures to resolve contentious issues.

The company was negotiating for a full and final settlement of all the workmen at Ambattur.

The Ambattur unit in Tamil Nadu was closed in February 2012.

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