Taking a dig at the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) slapping fines on telcos for various reasons, a Vodafone official on Monday termed it as the ‘department of penalty’, and said he was scared of looking at business news as it might talk of a “new penalty“.

“... today DoT can be called DoP, not Department of Posts, but department of penalty,” Vodafone India Resident Director (Regulatory Affairs and Government Relations) T. V. Ramachandran said at an event here.

He said the telecom sector had been the flag bearer of reforms in the country and till about 3-4 years ago, everything was going right.

“Till about a few years ago, the telecom sector was booming, everything was going right...today when I read a paper, I am scared to read the headline on the business page, what new penalty can I be hammered with,” Mr. Ramachandran said.

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