Most corporate employees do not get enough time for workouts to keep themselves fit even as there is an increase in lifestyle-related diseases, a survey by Assocham says.

According to a survey of 500 corporate employees, about 50 said they have worries about their future health, the rest have either no concerns or are ignorant about what their health condition would be in the coming years.

It revealed that 48 per cent of the respondents were "sometimes fearful" about their future health. Thirty seven per cent of them are "not at all fearful" and 12 per cent are totally ignorant about their future health.

"Only 3 per cent of corporate staff is worried about their future health since the majority of them are hardly able to spare resources beyond meeting their daily needs in the absence of any affordable health services provided by corporates to the majority of employees," it said.

Quoting the findings, Assocham Secretary General D S Rawat said, in terms of physical fitness, 37 per cent of the employees hardly have any time to exercise.

While 25 per cent of respondents said they do physical workouts devoting less than one hour a week, 24 per cent exercise 1-3 hours a week and 9 per cent 3-6 hours a week. Only 5 per cent regularly exercise for more than 6 hours, the survey said.

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